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District AP Testing
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About District AP Testing

Rochester Schools offers a myriad of Advanced Placement courses. By taking an AP class and scoring well on the AP exam, students can potentially earn college credits as early as their sophomore year of high school. When considering taking an AP course, students must be sure they meet the prerequisite requirements for the course as outlined in the Course Description Book. They should also consult with teachers and counselors.

Each college and university has unique requirements for earning credits based on students’ AP scores for each AP exam they take. The following table ( focuses on credits that can be earned at colleges and universities around the country. If students earn scores of 3, 4, or 5 on the AP exam for a particular subject area, they might be eligible for college credit.

It is important to note that this information is meant as a guide, and it is imperative that students and parents check with universities to ensure that information has not changed. Specific colleges and areas of study within universities often have specific requirements that fall outside of general guidelines. Checking with universities is a MUST!

Students MUST have joined the AP course class section using the join code provided by their AP teacher. Students not in an AP class must contact his/her home high school counseling office to receive a join code. Without joining an AP course section students CANNOT order an AP test. Once a student has joined an AP course section they will need to manually select whether or not they plan to take the AP test for their subject. The default setting is "undecided." Students who would like to order a test should select "yes." Students who do not plan to test should select "no."

Once a student has purchased his/her AP test and joined the AP course section they should turn in his/her proof of payment to their counseling office to complete their order. Without a proof of payment a test will NOT be ordered.

Please contact your home high school counseling office with any questions.